Livid Instruments Alias 8

The Livid Alias 8 offers the quick and dirty control you need in a durable, compact package with high-quality controls. Working perfectly as a portable mixer control, the Alias 8 has been engineered to satisfy the essential needs of any studio or live rig. 8 "channel strips" of knobs, faders, and buttons, and a full-size master fader effortlessly adapt to traditional mixing. The dual-function encoder makes it simple to change the MIDI channel (up to 15 channels), instantly extending its reach to control more of your software, while always keeping track of any LED feedback on the other channels. The encoder also functions as a MIDI control for flipping through tracks or adjusting your cue volume. Simply push the encoder down to change its function.

The Alias 8 also includes 2 expansion jacks for Livid's XPC line of controllers, meaning you can add up to 16 more analog controls. Grab your XPC and instantly hook up something simple like more pots or faders for your sends and returns or if you want to shake things up, there’s more exotic XPCs with accelerometers or joysticks.

And you can let your creativity flow with a DIY line of parts and boards and add something you built yourself with one of our Omni boards. The Alias 8 is ideal for an instant set-up with your software’s MIDI learn function to quickly access the tweaks and frequencies in your music, just the way you want. The special “settings channel” gives you some essential configuration options that can be set with simple MIDI CC’s, so if you have something more complex in mind, you can configure the Alias 8 with something as obvious as a MIDI track.


Connect Alias 8 to various functions in Live. Access clip triggering, mixing, solo/mute, record arm, sends and returns, device parameters and macros, track selection, session navigation, user-customized maps, etc.


Alias 8 is perfect for recording and launching clips, adjusting track volumes and effects, playing synths and step sequencing.


The perfect accomplice for Reason, the Alias 8 gives you an adaptable workflow for controlling Reason racks, accessing device variations, step sequencing instruments and adjusting levels, panning and effects.


  • 8 - 30mm faders
  • 1 - 60mm fader
  • 16 - rotary potentiometers
  • 16 - RGB LED backlit buttons
  • 1- push-button detented encoder
  • 2 analogue expansion ports for Livid XPC and DIY controllers (up to 16 additional analogue controls)
  • 15 banks of control on separate MIDI channels
  • Character display
  • USB powered class-compliant MIDI
  • Made in the USA
  • including knobs and feet - 19 cm x 28 cm x 4.1 cm


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