AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ Preset

Based on the extremely popular TMA-1 headphone design, AIAIAI gives an update with the TMA-2 deign. It now has a modular design that is fully customizable, with the ability to interchange any piece of the headphone. This enables the user to mix and match their preferred pieces, greatly improving the listening experience. Customizable parts include the cable, earpads, headband, and speaker.

Just like the DJ-preferred, best selling TMA-1 model, the TMA-2 DJ Preset delivers a punchy sound reproduction with a focus on low end dynamics and bass. Thanks to the H02 nylon headband, titanium-coated S02 speaker and PU leather earpads, this headphone is a sturdy, powerful design well-suited for live performance and electronic to bass heavy music.

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