Audio Innovate InnoFader MINI PNP-S

No longer will you be "stuck" when your controller has a compact fader soldered to the PC board. Having the solder pin "S" version, you will be able to revamp your average controller into a pro model. An external switch comes included so you can adjust the MINI InnoFader PNP-S without having to remove it.

The InnoFader is the ideal replacement audio fader. It allows you to have an ultra precise ± 0.05mm cut-in accuracy for fine tuned control of your scratches. Separate left and right cut controls make it simple to adjust without the need to recalibrate. And with super-precise presets you can do things like shift the cut point by a mere 0.04mm. The adapter boards come already insulated and marked clearly so you can see the specific one you need for your mixer.

The Audio Innovate InnoFader was designed to transform the way you feel about the crossfader. Having studied the habits and requirements of today’s DJs, the InnoFader offers unmatched levels of quality and adjustability that you just don’t find in other crossfaders.


  • Precision 0.15mm step cut-in adjustment on both sides
  • 3 standard curves - soft, linear, and sharp
  • Output reverse

Compatible with

  • Traktor S2 channel and crossfader
  • Traktor S4 channel faders
  • Vestax VCI-300, -380, -400 channel faders
  • ALL Numark Mixtrack / Mixdeck products

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Type: Crossfaders

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