KB Covers Logic Pro X

Write, record, edit, and mix your Logic Pro X music files on your Mac faster and easier without having to add a custom external keyboard! Engineered in collaboration with Orren Merton (pro audio writer and co-author of the Logic Pro Power Series), this ultra-thin form-fitting keyboard cover features color-coded shortcuts right on the keys, allowing you to spend more time creating, producing, and performing your music. Logic Pro X keyboard covers are compatible with Logic Pro 9 and earlier.

Manufactured with a multi-color printing process, the shortcut keys are color-coded and heat fused to guarantee long lasting durability without getting any chips or cracks.

KB Covers protect your keyboard from dirt, spills and wear and tear, are hand washable and easy to keep clean.

Made with premium quality silicone, KB Covers are ultra-thin, precision fit to your keyboard so they will not slip or slide. In addition, KB Covers have a silky smooth feel so they are soft and comfortable to the touch without restricting typing.

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