ProFreshionalism Freight Train Blackbook

The ProFreshionalism Freight Train sketchbook is dedicated to the lines and yards of hoppers, boxcars, gondolas and reefers that artists spend days and nights pursuing. Designed with the insight from dozens of freight artists, the book features a duracloth cover, extra thick card stock paper, and 40 massive 24-inch car spreads for an ideal sketching experience.

First Edition- 1,500 copies


  • 12" x 6" CSX Navy Blue DuraCloth Hard Cover
  • White Wood Free Coated 110lb stock pages
  • 40 spreads of assorted Hoppers, Gondolas, Boxcars & Reefers laid out over 80 pages
  • Graying Ink treatment for fade back when markers are applied- no black interior lines so your art isn't compromised.





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