Infinity Faders

Infinity Fader Rane/Pioneer


Will never break

  Oh the constant battle of having to keep up with the wear and tear of DJ gear. I hate it. I hate that I have to buy needles so often. I hate that I have to buy control vinyl all the time. I get frustrated when my headphones die. I hate that I have lost so many fader knobs. And I absolutely hate hate hate when I break a fader. I understand that companies need to make things last only so long. It’s good for business when DJs lose and break stuff. But yo, a fader breaking never happens at a good time! Faders should be the one thing that last forever. Enter stage right: a new company - Infinity Faders - they built a fader part that’ll last forever. Forever ever? Yes, forever. They don’t break so says Infinity Faders. Well I’ll be the judge of that! I installed one in my Rane 62 a few weeks ago. After a simple 3 minute install, it is now time to scratch. First few cuts - oh my. Oh my my my. This feels awesome! No, there is no feeling in that it won’t break. What I mean by “oh my” is the weight of the fader. It is much heavier than a Rane 62 fader. But I didn’t know that I would love a heavy fader until I used the Infinity Fader. Now I want every fader this heavy. What’s the weight? I don’t know, about 3 grams, maybe? I didn’t weigh it before the install. But it slides back and forth with force. I feel like I’m moving this fader with a purpose. With a mission to offer doper cuts. I feel like I’m doing something important when I scratch on the Infinity Fader. My fader hand has gotten stronger and more precise as well. This should also be marketed as a DJ workout system. I love this fader. And I sort of didn’t want to like it when I got it. I was afraid of being teased or lied to. It’ll never break? C’mon! Lies! Right? This is made from some strong stuff. Adamantium maybe? I kid! I kid! (But Marvel heads will get that joke). This fader is offered for the RANE 57, 61, 62, 64, 68 and the Pioneer S9. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Prices range from $75 - $140. They have also added bumpers to their unbreakable line. Is this fader worth the price? Psssh heck yes! By the way Infinity Faders has in no way paid me for this. I actually bought mine from Art & Vinyl in Austin. The only issue, if I had to knit pick, is that you sort of have to modify your fader knob to fit over this fader. No big deal. Any who, installing an Infinity Fader in your mixer is just one less thing you’ll have to worry about when every thing else wears out on you.


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